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We are two friends living in different parts of the world, but sharing a same concern for the global issues our world is facing today : the climate change and growing inequalities. We are convinced that we are at an unprecedent moment in human history. People are aware of the issues. But they don’t know what to do at their level.

We’ve brainstormed a lot on how to contribute, and decided to start with this blog and a Facebook page to share what we’ve learnt.

Laurène Provost

Driven by a strong interest in environmental and energy issues, Laurène has pursued a double master in environment and law of the European Union. From French origin, she lives and works in Brussels as a lawyer specialized in energy, environmental law and circular economy.

Céline Delacharlerie

Originally from Belgium, Céline lives in Singapore. She works for a consultancy offering research and learning expeditions to corporate executives, with a focus on new technologies and behaviors in Asia,  She has a personal interest for social businesses (www.scalable-impact.com).

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